Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3rd Growth Scan

Had my scan. baby has SHOT UP in size! Looking at 8lb 10oz!!! A massive growth spurt from 4 weeks ago which has taken us over the "normal" range.

However..... since my consultant wouldn't see me (and sent someone else in to see me after ranting about me in the corridor, where I could hear her) I was seen by another lady who was much more sympathetic and professional. She looked over my charts and said that I'm probably NOT diabetic after all (I've been saying that all along) and that while baby has grown suddenly and quickly, the fluid around baby is normal which suggests that the size is genetic, not diabetic (also what I had said all along).

They would still like to monitor me closely and want me to go back next week for a cervical check and they MAY ADVISE an induction at that point, but will not push me into it at all. As by then I'll be only 11 days early and Jack was 9 days early I may relent... depending how fed up I feel at that stage.

She made me laugh by suggesting various methods of softening up my cervix, like RLT and the birthing ball (both of which I am already doing) and "anything else we can think of" where she winked at my husband. Poor hubby looked confused and I had to explain that THAT might take some arm twisting as my poor hubby is rather, ahem, squeamish about pregnant nooky! She's ordered him to pull him self together and get it up! Never had a prescription for sex before! But I'm not holding my breath...

So here's to another week of waiting....

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