Wednesday, May 26, 2010


2 appointments today. 2.15 with the midwife at the GPs and 3pm with the consultant at RLI (or not, as she still wont see me. We saw the same nice lady as last time).

Mark came with me (Mum looked after Jack). The midwife was happy to see us but said it was largely pointless as we were off to the hospital. She did my BP and let Mark listen to the heart beat as he's never heard this baby's heart beat until today. She also tested my pee which is thankfully free of yuck this week.

Up at the hospital I was given an internal examination (aka a sweep) which has to be one of the least pleasant experiences of pregnancy. She said that baby was "no where near" my pelvis... Great. Just what I didn't want to be told.

So we discussed induction, and I have agreed on the basis that today I am 38weeks 4days pregnant. At this stage with Jack I was in labour (in fact, as I type this, at this time of day I was calling the delivery suite and telling them I was coming in!) and Jack was born in the early hours of the next morning. Also, the induction is for Wed next week, the 2nd of June. Only 3 days before my due date. The induction could easily take 3 days (more or less) to work so I don't consider this to be "early".

Mark thinks/hopes that Squiggle will shock us all by being born before Wednesday, but considering how baby is in my body at the moment, i.e. far too comfy and settled, I can't see it happening.

So, unless I do suddenly go into spontaneous labour inside the next 7 days this is my last mini blog post on this page! Next will be my birth story (over on page 3)

See you on the other side O_o

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