Birth Plan

Mmm.... Birth plans. No one has ever looked at mine I think! I'm pretty sure it's just something we mums-to-be are given to do to kill a bit of time rather than produce a workable mission statement, especially since things change during labour and the whole thing can get chucked in the bin.

That said... here it is!

Where & Who With

At the RLI Maternity Unit, with my husband (Mark) as my birthing partner. Normal delivery suite, no need for a birthing pool etc, just a bed and a bathroom.

If I am to be induced (skip if not) 

I am happy to stay in a shared ward until the induction starts to take effect, especially if I am there over night or for a long time after my husband goes home/to work. I would like to be able to go home as soon after the birth as safely possible.

I would like my husband to stay present while the first pessary takes effect. If I require a second I'd like him to be able to stay until at least 1 hour afterwards if labour does not start. If this does not work and I am to be put on a drip (although I would prefer not to use the drip) I would like my husband contacting on his mobile phone before that happens so he can be with me. Likewise, when labour starts he is to be contacted immediately on his mobile. But please do not leave voice mail, he cannot access it! (phone number here)


I would like to be free to move around if I choose. My ideal positions for labour (based on my prev births) are on all fours kneeling, and propped up with pillows on the bed (depending on mood at the time). I would like the baby delivering directly onto my belly. There is no need to wash the baby first. Please allow my husband to cut the cord and check baby's sex.

Pain Relief

Breathing & relaxation, gas & air, meptid injection(s). I've had these before and found they worked (although meptid makes me sick when I am first injected so please keep a bowl handy). Episiotomy is fine if required.


If a c-section is required please allow my husband to stay with me. I would like to avoid a c-section if at at all possible - medical emergency only!


I want to breast feed. I have successfully breastfed before.


Vitamin K - please give this to my child. Trainees present - I don't mind.

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