Secondary Infertility

When I talk to people about problems with my fertility they look at my three beautiful sons and ask me exactly why I think I have a problem. And who can blame them? How many people have heard of Secondary Infertility?

Secondary Infertility is when you struggle to conceive naturally after previously having one or more children with out any assistance with fertility.

I fall in to this category. My 1st son was conceived without any difficulty, in fact he was a bit of a surprise. We weren't expecting to fall pregnant so soon! I hadn't long been off the pill.

After he was born my cycles didn't return properly, and even a year after he was born, and after I had stopped breastfeeding they had not returned. The reason? I had stopped ovulating! I was given Clomid to take and that kick started my cycles again, 3 months later we were expecting our second son.

Imagine how revealed I was when my cycles returned on their own after he was born. Although I still had a few niggles like late ovulation/longer than usual cycles, and second attempts after failed ovulation within the one cycle. That was how son number 3 was conceived, also a little earlier than planned! I thought I was past ovulation, but caught later the same cycle when my body tried for a second time to release an egg and succeeded.

So here I am again. My cycles are too long and getting longer. I've had various blood tests done which indicate that I am not ovulating again. I am currently waiting to be seen by the fertility clinic in the hope that they will give me clomid again and that will fix my problem again.... but with 3 kids already I am low priority.

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