Hospital Bag

I drastically over packed 1st time round! And I packed the WRONG stuff! My poor hubby wound up
moving stuff back and forth between hospital and house (I had Jack on a Bank Holiday Weekend so I was there from Thu night to Mon morn...) 2nd time I still took more than I needed for even a 1 night stay. 3rd time, I went minimalist! And it worked! So I'm sticking to the same packing list for this, my last baby.

I'm planning on a holdall or small overnight case for me, and a well packed change bag for baby. If I can't fit it into 2 bags, I don't need it!



  • 1 pair of PJs, lightweight coz the hosp is REALLY warm, and dark in case of (blush) leakage...
  • 1 pair slippers
  • A pack of BIG knickers, also dark fabric
  • A nursing bra
  • Something comfy (Maternity jeans & lose top good for breastfeeding) to come home in


  • Maternity pads
  • Toiletries bag packed for overnight stay (basics in mini-bottles) 
  • 1 pack disposable breast pads (I have washable ones for home) & Breast Shields (to sooth, shape nipples, and catch milk drips) 

Mummy Survival Kit 

  • Lemonade (no added sugar) 
  • Chocolate! (with sugar, lol)
  • Phone, iPad & chargers



  • 2 Sleep suits 
  • 4 vests 
  • 1 lovely going home out fit! 
  • Hat 

Baby Cleanliness

  • 1 pack disposable new born nappies (cloth nappies at home) 
  • 1 pack nappy sacks 
  • 1 bag of cotton wool 
  • Nursing cloth/muslin square (for spit/sick) 

Trip Home (stays in the car until home-time) 

  • CAR SEAT! 
  • Blanket 
  • Coat 


Daddy Survival Kit 

  • Spare shirt 
  • Phone, charger & call list! 

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