Thursday, April 22, 2010


GD Growth Chart 2
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I called back into the RLI today to collect my notes. So now I have my scan details and I can update my chart and convert the measurements into ones I undertsand >_<

Weight: 2373g (5 and a bit pounds, normal) Leg: 64.2mm, Head: 318.6mm, tummy:303.5mm. Following the chart nicely!

I seem to have got my appitite back at long last. Mark did a carbonara for tea last night and I'd scoffed mine before he was half way through, and I could have eaten more! I woke up starving today too, and I'm so thirsty... I could drink 20 gallons and still want more. What ever Squiggle is doing at the moment, it's using up everything I have to do it!

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