Monday, February 24, 2014

Update at 15w1d

I've been quiet for a while on here. I've not meant to be. I've been tired, sick, hormonal, and the rest of it too. I've only gone back to work today and was met with concern and offers to reduce my hours during the preg if I felt things were getting on top of me. I declined, going to work is the only rest I get with 3 kids at home! But it's nice to know the option is there if I need it later.

So let me catch you all up! I'm 15 weeks ( and a day ) now. Next week I get to see the midwife again and should hopefully get to listen to baby's heartbeat! The kids are getting more and more excited. Jack and Tom are convinced that Bean is a boy and refer to 'him' as Fred, Jack just HAS to cuddle and kiss my belly daily, Tom likes to try ticking the baby and claims he can hear Fred talking to him if he presses his ear to my tummy.  Georgie just keeps trying to FIND the baby, frequently lifting up my tops or climbing under the skirt of my dress calling "Baby... Where are yoooooou?" and rubbing my bump ( which is just starting to show ).

I'm trying really hard with my diet, and for the most part I am continuing to cut the junk out. I do have the odd lapse, and I have not got back on the scales, despite promising myself I would when I hit 13 weeks. But my jeans still fit, my work trousers still fit, and I'm happy enough with that for now. I've dug out my maternity wear though and I am starting to wear my maternity tops, happy that the bit of my belly that is growing is home for the baby and not more flab. My boobs are growing too! I'm having issues with my bras because I'm bursting out of my cups at the front, the my strap is inching up my back where it's loosened! And don't ask about my nips! Talk about aching and tender... Which is fine unless one of the kids bashes my boobs ( as they tend to do some times, scrabbling over me ) because that makes me cry out in pain!

I'm practically counting down the HOURS until my 20 week scan. I simply cannot wait to see Bean again, and hopefully find out if baby is a Rosie or a Freddy. As soon as I know I'm going to start window shopping! As soon as I hit 24 weeks and viability I'll be buying little bits and bobs! I might just have to buy a little something either blue or pink on scan day... Just one thing. Which I'll keep in my desk at work where hubby won't see!

I just wish I could shift the paranoia in my head whispering that the next appointment, the next scan, next anything will bring bad news. There's no reason to think that it will be at any point! But the fear is there. I can't wait for the clear, distinct, regular movements in my belly to reassure me Bean is alive and well.

So that's where I am! I'll try to update more often! Xx

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