Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Early scan at the EPU

This was a bit of a worry that thankfully turned out to be nothing. I had been suffering with awful back and side pains for about 5 days, which were not getting any better. And I had an apt with the doctor already which I hadn't got round to canceling. So I took the opportunity to mention it to him.

Since I had been taking clomid to help conceive this baby, and there is a slightly increased chance of ectopic pregnancy, the doc thought it was best not to take any chances and whisked me off to the hospital for an early scan at the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit).My level of stress was not improved when the lady performing the scan found an egg sack, but nothing in side it! Which meant there was no ectopic, but maybe no baby either. So Mark and Jack were turned out while I was given (another) internal scan. And there was baby! A tiny little blur with a very very faint heart beat (too small and unclear to bother with a photo). She had to really search for the heart beat though, and she thought that baby only looked about 3 1/2 weeks in size, although clearly since there's a heart beat it must be 6 weeks. She said that since we've had this early scan then chances are we'd be monitored very closely for the rest of the pregnancy. I don't care. Let them. I'm just glad little Squiggle is there and alive!

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