Sunday, July 5, 2009


I've been feeling broody since Jack started walking, and me and Mark have been talking about having another baby for a while. This August (2009) I turn 30, and Jack will be coming up to 18 months. We decided that this would be a good time to start trying to conceive.

Only we have run into some problems before we've even started! The women among you will know that if you are planning to have a baby there are thing you like to get ready first, apart from the obvious things like money. I started to keep a track of my cycle, take more care of myself physically,and taking Pregnacare suppliments.

Only I wasn't having much of a cycle. In fact, in the 9 months since I stopped breast feeding Jack I had only had 3 periods.

So I went to the doctors to see what was wrong, and underwent a series of tests which (thankfully) ruled out: Thyroid problems, hormone problems, early menopause, any thing else dodgy. It also rules out if I was pregnant already. So there's nothing wrong with me, and that's all great... but still no regular cycle!

My wonderful doctor has given me Clomid to take. Clomid should push my little eggies though, and give us a chance to catch one.

I starting to take my first cycle of Clomid on July 5th 2009. Hopefully we'll get a 2010 baby!

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