Friday, October 25, 2013

His results...

I got a call from my lovely doctor lady this afternoon! Hubby's results are in and they are normal! Which after the stress and drama of sample day is just simply brilliant!

As she spoke to me she was filling in our form for the fertility clinic! I am soooo excited!

It's a good week all round. Fertility Friend gave me crosshairs yesterday, and we've been having lots of fun doing the ol' baby dance so we score a "good". I can't help thinking how awesome it would be to fall pregnant naturally this month! I just need that little eggy to have turned up. Everything else is in our favour! I've been taking my Agnus Castus caps morning and night, so with a bit of luck....!

And even if I'm not preg this time, that fertility clinic appointment is looking closer and closer!

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