Monday, July 8, 2013

1 Week Count Down

It's another countdown day today. 1 more week left of the pill.

I actually LOST one of the slippery little buggers this morning, popped it out of the packet and it skittered away out of my hand and into the dark, dusty, spider ridden corner of the room behind the bookcase. It's staying there until I get the hoover out next time!

This close to the end of the packet I am not about to freak out over one poxy pill. I took tomorrows instead. I can finish a day early!

Last pill on SATURDAY!

No idea what my cycle is going to be like though. I think it really is going to take a month or so to settle down so I'm sticking to my 2 more months of waiting. Well ok, "not trying, not preventing" with the theory that I can manage not to ravish my hubby on my fertile days. Theory. I kind of messed that theory up last time and got knocked up with Georgie a couple of months earlier than planned... But I'm SURE I'll do better this time

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