Monday, March 25, 2013

Family planning appointment

After stressing about getting hassle for wanting my implant taken out I can say that my appointment went really well! The woman I saw was very nice and was fine with me wanting it out so we can have another baby.

I'm booked in for April 29th, a good while earlier than I expected. And I have 3m of the pill to take, starting a week before the implant is removed. Sadly it's the pop pill not the combi pill so I can't use it to regulate my cycle. But the combi pill would dry up my milk and since Georgie is still feeding from me I don't want that. Having milk for George is more important, and there is always the chance that he will self ween like Tom did shortly after his first birthday, or that I'll still get pregnant even if he is feeding because he's down to just 2-3 feeds a day.

Time will tell. I'd like to get to grips with my cycle but its not worth forcing Georgie to ween.

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