Sunday, January 1, 2012


On a whim I had a look on Argos at the pushchair we want for Smudge. I've had my heart set on the M&P Ora since I still have my M&P Aria Twin for when Smudge is small (travel system so ideal for us on past exp.) 

Reduced to £99.99!

but out of stock for delivery. And our local store. And the 10 nearest. Tried near mums.... same 


Then one of my Jenny popped up on FB and suggested I tried near her. 1 left.........!

She said to res it, and she would pick up n pay tomorrow, pay her back when ever! (which I will on pay day in 2 weeks)

She often goes visiting folk near my mums (Ash to be used to live near by my mums) so will ask mum to store it for me till we need it! 

Chuffed to bits! First proper baby purchase!!! And all thanks to my lovely in-laws <3

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