Thursday, January 19, 2012

Growth Scan & GD Clinic

My scan was great! Smudge is still normal size for now (but so was Tom at this stage) and I got a pic I need to scan in. GD clinic was a real result.... the consultant (who is a cow and not meant to see me her self any more after the way she handled my second preg) came to see me herself to say that not only are my blood sugars perfectly normal, but also by the current standards used to gauge GD, I never had it in the first place!

AHAHHAHAAA! I bloody knew it! I've said it all along!

So now I only have to go back one more time in 5 weeks for a last growth scan and last GD clinic and - assuming baby and I are fine - they'll sign me off the clinic!

(watch me go over due now)

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