Thursday, September 15, 2011

1 week till dating scan

Ooooh! The dating scan is a week today!

I'm excited and terrified!

If I get bad news I'm going to fall apart. Too many people know, but my big worry is Jack who is expecting to meet baby next year, and see a photo of baby after the scan.

I have no reason to worry. I have no bleeding, no cramping, no sign that anything is wrong at all. I'm just frightened. We've been so lucky with Jack & Tom, while people around us have not been half as fortunate. I fear that our luck will run out. Stupid isn't it... I'll blame the hormones!

This time next week I'll be a wreck! The scan is at 9.40am... so I'll be setting off in 7 days 1 hour. I really am counting down the hours! I neeeeeeed to relax!

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