Saturday, August 6, 2011

(Secret Post!) Finding out!

So today I pee'd on a stick. I shouldn't have done. I'm not due to test until the 9th but I simply could not help myself. It wasn't even my FMU... But the line came up in under 3 mins so I think that's pretty certain!
I had toyed with idea of not telling Mark to start with, I figured I'd save it until my scan was due - I start my 2nd tri on his 40th birthday! (or I should do if my dates are right) but in the end I couldn't hold it in. A mixture of excitement, terror, and just not wanting him to think I was messing with his head by not telling him, had me confess all less than 20 mins after taking the test!
Typically it's a Saturday so I cant call the docs to see when I can book in with the midwife. If it's the same as my second preg then they wont want to see me till I'm about 8 weeks... so according to my calendar and dates that'll be in the beginning of September - a whole month away! A could try to book in for 8 weeks after my last period which would be round my birthday I think.... They would accept that date if I don't say I ovulated late ;o)
I'll call them on Monday if I can creep away from work to some place quiet!

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