Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2nd Growth Scan

Back to the hospital again for another scan and diabetes clinic... I love the scan part though! My mum came with me this time. We had a lovely lady do the scan for us. We were in there for a good half hour. Squiggle was facing my spine and refused to turn round and face us, so I was tipped back until I was almost upside down and jiggled ever so slightly until baby finally woke up and turned to face us, giving us a big yawn and a kick. We go to see the little nose and lips! There is definitely an Oakes chin there (from me and my dad) but the rest is pure Walker!

We got a lovely pic, and the lady wouldn't take any money from me for it! She's clearly been charmed by my beautiful baby!

Measurements! Weight: 2373g (5 and a bit pounds, normal) Leg: 64.2mm, Head: 318.6mm, tummy:303.5mm. Following the chart nicely!

I'll be whittering on about the GD on the GD page if you want to know about it. We have another scan and clinic in 4 weeks!

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