Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 week scan

I have been so excited about this scan! All night I was waking up every 2 hours, checking the time, and nodding back off. I eventually got up at 6am since the apt was at 9.10am and traffic in Lancaster is terrible at that time. Mum was coming over to mind Jack and I wanted to make sure the house was fit to be seen, and to spend a bit of time on my forum in peace before Mark & Jack got up.

We had a man do the scan this time, and we think he might be quite new, but he was very professional and detailed in what he was doing. We got a really long scan too and got to see all of Squiggles limbs, digits, facial features, internals and so on. Squiggle was sleeping for most of it I think and was not at all happy about being prodded and jiggled about so we could get a clear scan of his/hers face! I think Squiggle is quite shy though, because not only did s/he not want us to see his/her face.... there was no way those legs were going to uncross for a gender check!

Mark got quite emotional watching the scan. I saw him dab his eyes no fewer than 3 times. Me... well I couldn't stop grinning at my little baby up there on the screen and I haven't stopped bouncing around the place since! I would also like to make a note that Jack was very well behaved for my mum in the waiting room. He sat on her knee and read books and pointed to all the numbers he knows. He was even noticed by the other parents-to-be who commented on how cute and well behaved he was. I love being a mum!

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