Friday, August 3, 2007

Finding Out

A couple of weeks after we came back from our honeymoon Mark and I were attending my step-fathers 60th birthday party.
My period was due that morning and hadn't come. Normally it's like clockwork, so I guess I was a BIT surprised.
OK, I'd tipped the house upside down looking for a home preg test I was sure I still had knocking about somewhere but couldn't find! Mark kept telling me to calm down, it was unlikely, etc, and besides we were going to be late to the party. So I put it to the back of my mind for a while.
The following week there was still nothing, so I bought a test and took it on the Tuesday morning. Negative. I'll admit I was a little gutted, but shrugged my shoulders and carried on.
But shortly afterwards I started to get strange symptoms: the sore and swollen boobs, forgetful, dizzy, queasy... and the ladies in the office I work in started asking: "Your not pregnant, are you?" and with confidence I said no, no way. But I kept feeling off, and they kept asking.
So I took the second test.

And yes, that IS a line!
We are expecting a baby! One which was conceived during our honeymoon!
It doesn't get much more fairytale than that!

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